I would like to express my gratitude to your entire team for the treatment and benefit I received from your practice. I was referred to Shulman & Associates by Dr. Lee Akst, of The Johns Hopkins Voice Center, after experiencing persistent discomfort when using my voice. My initial evaluation was conducted by David, who immediately got down to the core of the issue, and was enthusiastic about his team being able to help me. Ian became my physical therapist, as most of my appointments were with him. I was extremely impressed by the detailed and personalized attention that Ian dedicated to my case. His “hands on” therapy and practical “home exercises” proved to be highly effective. Ian has also provided me with the knowledge and understanding of his therapy strategy, which enabled me to continue exercising some of his techniques on my own, after I completed treatment. It is now a few months since my last appointment, and my voice is improving more and more. The muscles involved in my voice usage feel more loose and elastic. The atmosphere in the office was always relaxing and pleasant, thanks to all the therapists, receptionists and patients. I highly recommend Ian and the entire team to anyone seeking physical therapy.
Yehuda Weiner
Heather has been working with my son since he was 3 months old. She came into our lives very highly recommended by a friend who is a PT. Right from the beginning, Heather made us feel comfortable and reassured. She has gone above and beyond to be a support to my son and my family. With her help, my son who is now 9 months old, has made wonderful progress each and every week. Heather has not only provided direct therapy to my son, but she has empowered me with ways that I can help him make progress at home. Her role in our lives has been invaluable and we will be forever grateful to her! In addition, the staff at Shulman and Associates has been very warm and welcoming to us. The staff knows us by name and always gives us a smile and a friendly “hello.” This process could have been very scary and overwhelming for a first time mom who was seeking help for her infant son, but Heather and the rest of the staff at Shulman and Associates have made us feel comfortable and right at home. Thank you all for helping us on this journey.
Megan Brown
As a professional musician, I’m very conscious of my hands so when I recently suffered a potentially career ending injury it was a serious cause for alarm. I was referred to David Shulman through some musician friends where I received the best, most specialized care imaginable. I was up and playing my Stratocaster again in no time!
Chris Ranier
Several years ago, I contacted David Shulman desperate for help with chronic shoulder pain. As a violinist with a substantial performance schedule, my worst nightmare was coming to fruition. The pain from my work-related injury was so severe that I could not lift my left arm above my head, I could not sleep on my left side, and, even worse, I could not play the violin without pain. A physician and another physical therapist unsuccessfully treated me before I sought David’s help; but because he specializes in working with musicians, I had high hopes that he would be able to treat my shoulder and eliminate the pain. At my first session, David listened attentively as I described my injury and treatment history. After gathering additional information, he not only provided a full assessment and treatment plan, but also assured me that he would do everything in his power to help me heal and recover. I knew I was dealing with a therapist who sincerely cares about his patients and left my appointment feeling a great sense of relief. Over the course of the next eight months, David worked diligently and patiently with me. He not only treated my shoulder, but helped me develop a better approach to practicing and performing so the injury would heal and never return. In addition, he provided recommendations for changing the set up of my instrument, which made a big difference in my level of pain. By the end of my treatment period, I could raise my arm above my head, sleep on my left side (my first night sleeping on both sides was amazing!), and best of all, I could play the violin with ease. David met my high hopes and even exceeded my expectations. I have been playing without pain since that time and savor life on stage in good health. In short, I will always be grateful for David’s help and recommend him highly, especially to musicians!
TLH, Concert Violinist
With great thumbs comes great responsibility, David. Always use your powers for good.
I am a 61-year-old classical pianist and writer. The natural wear and tear due to years of playing and typing caught up with me recently and I developed an annoying trigger finger in my left hand. Surgery took care of it and I’ve resumed all of my musical and literary activities. David Shulman helped me get back to normal, and I am very grateful for the expert post-op therapy I got from him. I’m confident my hand will be in great shape from now on, thanks both to my surgeon’s wonderful work and to David’s inside track about what musicians need to keep them going strong. (In addition to the actual physical therapy sessions, I got all kinds of good advice from him about how to take optimal care of myself, physically.) I look forward to performing the Liszt Transcendental Etudes well into my nineties, and, with any luck, I’ll have a published collection of short stories by then, too.
Lisa Weiss Todd Distinguished Professor of Music Goucher College
This place is fantastic!! David and his team are wonderful. They really take time getting to know you and offer great service. I’ve been to them for recurring back pain many times over the past 3 years. They have provided fantastic care, good ideas for prevention, and have always made me feel welcome and appreciated. The atmosphere there is novel, too. David is really into music, so he always has something interesting being played through the work area. He also knows a little bit about everything, so he’s able to really connect with all of his patients. I really have no complaints about this group, and I would gladly recommend them to ANYONE who needed some physical therapy. Just a really great company!!!
Chris Thompson
Come for the therapy, stay for the music.
Booker T
David Shulman is a true healer of worn and damaged body parts. As a nearly life-long double bassist my body has been subjected to an incredible amount to wear and tear both as a result playing the instrument as well as transporting it around all these years. I’m very fortunate not to have any playing related issues, but the bass schlepping has taken its toll. David has done an amazing job in eliminating the pain when lifting anything and gotten the range of motion of my arms and shoulders back to pre-injury levels. I’m very grateful to David and the entire staff at Shulman & Associates for their skill, dedication, professionalism, and great musical taste!
Michael Formanek,
Director Peabody Jazz Orchestra
and international recording artist
I have a chronic pain condition and have been a patient of David Shulman’s for many years. I arrived at his office extremely discouraged, as I had already seen many highly recommended specialists who had been unable to help me. David immediately made me feel comfortable, and even more, gave me hope that my condition was indeed treatable. I had at last found someone who could use his magic fingers and unique skills to start on the road to lessening my pain. His extraordinary skills and compassion were largely responsible for my deciding to go back to elementary school teaching, beginning a stage of my career that has lasted twenty-five years! Over the years, I have heard David talk to a multitude of patients. I am therefore in a position to say that aside from physically helping hundreds of patients, he has enriched the lives of all of us who have been the recipients of his kindness, caring, knowledge, and unique skills.
Faith Friedman, June 2014
Ay, there’s the rub.
I wanted to write a few lines to you and your staff to express my gratitude for the excellent attention and services rendered while I visited your practice. I was very pleased from the front office staff, billing and of course yourself and the therapists I met during the treatment process. I would and will recommend your services to friends and family and will keep your number handy in the event I need your expertise in physical therapy. Keep the music going and happy vibes. Again, thank you all for your great service. Best wishes to all.
Frank Simms, Car accident patient, Towson, MD. 21239
Thanks for working your magic and bringing me back to normalcy! You did such a great job with my jaw that I can even chew a carrot now—no small feat!
H.L. of Baltimore, MD
I love going to see Heather at Shulman and Associates because she always makes my back feel better. It’s such a comfortable relaxing experience there. And she not only helps there but gives tips so you can continue to do well on your own. I recommend her to everyone!
I.W. of Baltimore, MD
David has been extremely helpful. The straight talk and clear presentation to Toby and to me was really important. The therapy provided eased the pain immediately. The stretching exercise he taught me and the instruction to attack the pain with it every time the pain kicks in has been terribly important. Yesterday, I was able to do far more than at any time since this whole episode began.
Rabbi Bruce Kahn
I want to thank the staff at Shulman and Associates for a wonderful physical therapy experience. I used to have a chronic migraine condition I battled for 10 years with no relief. My headaches would occur often and last 6 weeks at a time. My appointments felt like a day at the spa. They would begin with a warm compress and electric stimulation. And the appointment would end with a relaxing massage and home-care instructions. Thanks to David and his staff, my headaches are nonexistent. They changed my life… Sounds like an exaggeration? No. Imagine constant pain for 6 weeks at a time and no relief. Not anymore! I would highly recommend them!
Your thorough, comprehensive treatment showed how fully engaged you are with patients. Thanks for giving 100% effort to my treatment.
R.N. of Baltimore, MD
David Shulman is one of my favorite people! He took lots of time a great care with me and my back problems and really helped me get back on track. Great environment with great music playing and an all around wonderful guy. Thanks so much David!
J.R. of Baltimore, MD
When I was first referred to Shulman and Associates, it was because of headaches. Then I was diagnosed with head/neck cancer which delayed my visit. When I finally met David on my first visit, I was pleased to learn that he had been a therapist at GBMC’s Dance Center where I was treated for my cancer. Thankfully, I was led to the right place with people who knew what I needed. Not only was David knowledgeable about PT for head/neck survivors, but also specialized in headache relief. My main therapist was Heather and I must say was such a God send. She always listened to where my pain was and her treatment followed suit. Subsequently, I always felt better after PT. I credit Heather with teaching me the skills I still use at home for my TMJ problems and the resulting tightening of scar tissue from radiation treatments. The staff was always friendly and welcoming and very patient friendly.
We were fortunate to feature David Shulman as an instructor during the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s inaugural BSO Academy week in June 2010. His Injury Prevention and Care session was insightful and meticulously constructed. The information he provided was appropriate for our entire range of adult amateur musician participants. David came highly recommended by many of the BSO musicians, and the participants were thrilled by his clear techniques and hands-on approach. Since June, many have told me that they continue to utilize David’s teachings in their own personal practice and rehearsal sessions. It is clear that we all hope to have David return to the BSO Academy in future sessions!
Lindsay Gomes, Academy Coordinator, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
David is a true healer in every sense of the word. So much so that I invited him to Peabody to impart his knowledge and wisdom to the students and faculty there. There was tremendous excitement both before, and especially after the presentation from all segments of our student body as well as from members of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The information was clearly presented and easily integrated into many aspects of practice and performance. Afterwards, many students sought hands-on treatment from Mr. Shulman, which led to extraordinary results. I highly recommend this presentation—it will be a gift to your musical community.
Maria Lambros, Violist, Chamber Music Faculty, Peabody Conservatory of Music
Over the years I have come to rely on Shulman and Associates each time I’ve needed physical therapy. I have sought their expertise for a variety of issues including recovery from orthopedic surgery to relief from persistent lower back pain. Each time I have received a thorough evaluation and a treatment plan personalized for me. There is nothing cookie cutter about this practice or their treatment plans. David and Heather are consummate professionals and care deeply about each patient and restoring their health and wellbeing. Moreover, they take time to help you strategize about ways to maintain progress and give tools and tips so you don’t slip back into bad habits. Members of the practice are warm and welcoming, and I would recommend them without reservation to anyone who needs physical therapy.
Got a Neck-Knack, Paddywhack Pain in the neck?
Oh heck.
But divorce isn’t the answer.
You need massage (if it isn’t cancer)!
If neck pain’s your problem, then fer shur, man,
stick your neck out for David Shulman.
You lie down, he says hello,
soon your neck is loose as Jello™.
Your pain and soreness go away,
when his magic fingers start to play.
You feel your neck is so much looser
when David’s thumbs begin to goose ‘er.
He’ll ring your neck with a soft warm towel,
a neck lace to end that pain most foul.
So don’t delay!
Start today!
It’s all I can say—
your tension and headaches will fade away…
T.S. Shattuck
I was referred to Shulman & Associates one year ago while suffering with severe TMJ symptoms. Heather, my physical therapist, conducted my initial evaluation and has been primarily responsible for my treatment. Her kindness and compassion was evident from the moment we met. Her extensive knowledge of my condition made me feel completely confident in her ability to help me. During my treatment program, Heather has used many techniques that have proven incredibly helpful. Her quest to improve her patient’s quality of life and her positive outlook make her truly amazing. Heather has been a bright light during some of my darkest days and I am and will always be eternally grateful.
Julie Mohr
I have been a patient for years with a recurring condition, and various members of my family have been helped as well for exercise-related issues. I trust David and the staff at Shulman and Associates to help me get and stay well, and I recommend them always.
About 30 years ago, after a very traumatic event caused me to hate intensely, I asked God to help me find a safe place for my soul. Eventually, my soul was nestled in a hidden corner of my mind. I hardly ever talked to anybody.… It was important when you sort of beckoned me out of my mind’s hiding place. I felt safe. Thanks to you, I felt safe. It’s a priority.… God has to be in this, because how else could I get someone like you to help me.… Anyway, I tell you this because it is encouraging to see in you a reflection of God’s goodness. Because it is extremely difficult for me to be a witness of God’s love, I believe it would be for anybody. So when I see you try so hard it makes me think I could, too. I hope that’s ok.
Elaine M.
Dear David, I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts in helping me to heal! It’s not often that you find a professional in the medical arena today who is as dedicated as you and has such a personable disposition! You’re the best and I enjoyed my first experience in physical therapy!
Judy Derby
Dear David, I feel quite fortunate that our paths intersected. Your support and unwavering determination to facilitate improvement in my ankle and foot have indeed been a source of strength for me. Your expertise, professional curiosity and resourceful approach to treatment are well noted and appreciated. Thank you, David.
Jeannie M.
Dear David, much has happened in the two weeks since I was in your office. I am now less two disks in my neck, but am feeling much better! I am so grateful for the care you gave me and the expertise you showed in sending me on to get an MRI. If I am ever in need of a physical therapist or have an occasion to recommend one, I’ll know just the person.
Linda English
I want to take the time to say, “Thank you for all you’ve done.” I’ve come to you two times in life—in pain that was second to none! I’m not sure you really knew how physically defeated I was, because no one thought, not even a few, that the problem was muscular! Both times you have relieved the pain, and restored mobility and hope. Little by little you’ve made weekly gains until at last I could cope. The time is coming very soon when I will be on my way. It may not be this session or next but it is just a matter of days. I’ll try my best to take care of myself now that that problem is “undone.” I wish you well in all you do and in all that’s yet to come. No amount of money or number of things will ever repay you for your help. You have a gift—a healing soul—and a compassion that is rare.  So once again, my thanks to you for being all that you are. The world is a better place for sure because you are here and care.
Barb McCann