Injury Prevention for Musicians

Healthy Music Making

“Music has been my life-long passion. I began as a student player, graduated to being a professional musician, and then left it to become a physical therapist. Fortunately, I discovered a way to combine my two loves and found the satisfaction of treating the injured musician.“I have been a physical therapist for 32 years and have dedicated my practice treating professional and amateur musicians since the mid 1980’s. At this point in my career, I’m sharing my findings with the institutions that train young soloists, orchestral members, and teachers. My desire is that they can have an injury-free and long-lasting career making beautiful music for themselves and the world.”—David Shulman, Physical Therapist

Injury Prevention and Care: Physical Therapy Presentation for Musicians

Music Industry Forum, New Orleans

Fall, 2012: Excerpt from a physical therapy workshop for musicians.

Injury Prevention and Care: Physical Therapy Presentation for Musicians

Towson University, Towson, Maryland

Fall, 2010: This video shows how David helps musicians deal with the unique challenges of repetitive stress from playing an instrument daily.

Schedule Now: Physical Therapy Workshop for Musicians

David offers physical therapy expertise to schools and professional music groups (including symphony orchestras) in the form of a hands-on presentation. Contact us to schedule a workshop with David. This presentation has been given at:

  • Peabody Conservatory, String Department, 2009
  • Peabody Conservatory, Percussion Department, 2010
  • Towson University, String Department, 2010
  • West Point, Brass Section (selected members), 2010
  • Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Academy, 2010–2013
  • Peabody Conservatory, Piano Department, 2011
  • Maryland Music Educators Association Annual In-Service Conference, 2012, 2013
  • “Musicians are not Running Backs”, MedChi, 2012
  • Shepherd School of Music at Rice University, August, 2012
  • Boyer College of Music and Dance, Temple University, October 2012
  • Loyola University of New Orleans, College of Music and Fine Arts, Music Industries Studies, October 2012
  • Louisiana State University Musician Clinic, 2012, 2013
  • Towson University, Jazz Department, 2013

Practice Smart and Stay Healthy

If you are a part of a music school or performing group, contact us to schedule a workshop with David. This will keep your group in top shape.

Music Experience

As a retired professional woodwind player, David’s intimate knowledge of music making combines with understanding of the body to help patients avoid problems with repetitive motion injuries. This powerful combination allows him to more accurately and sensitively diagnose and treat elite musicians with overuse problems.

Strings, Percussion, Brass, Woodwinds, and Keyboard

David actively treats musicians from all music families: strings, percussion, brass (including embouchure problems), keyboard, and woodwinds. David observes musicians playing their instrument to identify where problems originate and educates them on how to avoid them altogether. Then with their permission, he shares these findings with the teacher so they can together find the best pathway to resolve the injury and assure it doesn’t return.

Still Playing

Denver Dill

Denver Dill, a trumpet player who overcame orbicularis oris injury, surgery, rehabilitation, and is still performing today as a professional. Denver performs all throughout the New York Metropolitan and Hudson Valley areas with the most prestigious ensembles. Still Playing is a book that recounts a unique story that is intended to inform, empower, motivate and inspire musicians everywhere.

Treatment Modalities

David uses all of the treatment modalities available including manual techniques (massage). Together with corrective biomechanical positioning and exercises, these work to correct body postures, reduce muscle spasm, and relieve tendonitis.

To schedule a presentation or an appointment for physical therapy evaluation contact us.